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Telling my husband about the experiment…


Pro-Tip #2: You Are Good Enough

In the seventy-two hours since our little experiment has gone live, this is the first message like this that I’ve received, though I am expecting more: a gentleman wanted to know why I wouldn’t consider him “good enough” for my friend.

Oh, honey. No.

Pro-Tip #2: You Are Good Enough

We need a shift in this dating mentality, especially online.cinderella

It’s about compatibility, NOT quality.

I am ‘vetting’ guys based on whether or not I think someone might be a good match for H.

It is NOT a reflection on a man’s overall quality.

I’ve talked to a ton of GREAT guys, they’re just not necessarily right for H herself, you know? The same way that they probably have some female friends who kick absolute ass, but aren’t meant for them.

When it comes to online dating, always remember: you are good enough–you may just not be the right fit for that person.

Just because your shoe doesn’t fit Cinderella’s foot, it doesn’t mean there isn’t another lovely lady whose feet are exactly your shoes’ size!